Brandon Ralph McBride – A Lifelong Fan of Baseball

Brandon Ralph McBride, a highly respected biotech consultant, is one of the biggest baseball fans you will ever meet. He had posters of Mickey Mantle and Bob Gibson hanging in his room growing up, a constant reminder of who his true American heroes were. He began playing Little League baseball when he was in grade school, a sport that would serve as his companion to school until he was 18 years old. During that time, he acquired a reputation as a neighborhood legend, known to terrify opposing pitchers with his powerful bat and unconventional stance. He was also a formidable pitcher growing up, known to clear hitters off the plate with a fastball that ran high and tight. He played the game fair but he played with high levels of energy, which set him on a crash course with opposing players and managers.

Brandon Ralph McBride

Brandon Ralph McBride

A perennial All-Star, he has gone on to offer his expertise and experience as a coach for Little Leagues in the Las Vegas area. He is grateful to be still involved with a game that he loves so much. Alternatively, he is truly a positive force for the game of baseball because he is teaching younger generations how to play the game the right way.

One of the biggest headlines surrounding Major League Baseball, says Brandon Ralph McBride, is the implementation of a rule that forces hitters to keep at least one foot in the batter’s box at all times. This rule was created in an attempt to shorten the average duration of a Major League Baseball game, which is believed to be deterring children from wanting to pick up the sport of baseball. Brandon Ralph McBride understands why baseball executives want to make the sport once again popular among the youth, but he hopes it can be done in a way that does not hinder the efforts of professional hitters.

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