Brandon Ralph McBride – The Kids In The Garage

Brandon Ralph McBride lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he is a biotechnology consultant at Middle Ground Consulting, LLC. He has been with the firm since 2011.

Brandon Ralph McBride

Brandon Ralph McBride

The firm specializes in biotechnology, high tech, pharmaceuticals, sustainable energy, and health care consulting. Brandon Ralph McBride, who holds a degree in chemistry from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, focuses on biotech, pharmaceuticals, and sustainable energy systems, especially solar.

When he isn’t working he likes to fill his time working on bicycles. “There’s a group of kids in my neighborhood who have been hanging out with me in the garage for the last year or so,” he says. “It started when I fixed one of their bikes. This kid Greg snapped his chain. He and a couple of his buddies got interested in all the bike tools I have, and now they like to come over and use them whenever they need to.”

Brandon Ralph McBride has a nearly complete bike workshop in his garage which he has pieced together over a period of several years. “It makes it a lot easier to keep my bike in optimum condition,” he says. “I’m completely independent from the local bike shop.” He says that all any budding bike mechanic really needs are a few essential tools to do basic maintenance ­– “things like adjusting the shifting, installing a new chain or cables, changing tires, and so on.” Those basics include a chain tool, a floor pump; 8, 9, and 10 mm wrenches; cable cutters; a hex wrench set (“I use the 5mm most often”); a four way screwdriver; a multi-tool; and a few tire levers. “That’s enough to get anyone started.” He has added more advanced tools like a truing stand, and he adds that once you get serious, a work stand is essential.

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