Brandon Ralph McBride – Middle Ground Consulting

Brandon Ralph McBride began working at Middle Ground Consulting, LLC in 2011, several years after graduating from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas with degrees in chemistry and marketing. He says that the job is unlike any he has had before, and that each new day seems to bring with it some unique challenge, and that his is one of the things about the work that he likes the most.

Brandon Ralph McBride

Brandon Ralph McBride

In the four years he has been working there, Brandon Ralph McBride says that Middle Ground Consulting, LLC, has grown from a start-up company working in a shared space in downtown Las Vegas, to one of the fastest-growing consulting firms in the entire state of Nevada. He personally works with several Fortune 500 clients and advises them on pharmaceutical matters and biosafety. He has also drawn on his prior experience as a Certified Safety Professional to advise other companies on injury and illness prevention, ergonomics, and establishing or modernizing emergency action plans.

As an employee of a startup, Brandon Ralph McBride puts in a long work week, sometimes logging as many a sixty hours. He says that now that Middle Ground Consulting, LLC is beginning to make a name for itself that the hard work is paying off, and he has begun to enjoy a few perks he did not have in the early days, like his own parking space. He owns an electric car, but usually rides his bike to work.

When he gets some time to himself, Brandon Ralph McBride enjoys working on his bike, boating, and acting in plays put on by the community theatre he is a member of.

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